Phoenix Players Offer “Quality of Life”

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After more than two decades of intelligent, thought provoking projects, the Phoenix Players continue to provide ensemble performances that deserve more credit and more coverage than they have generally received.

Artistic Director Bob Combe has been actively involved in the troupe’s twenty seven year history. At the opening night performance of the heart wrenching drama, “Quality of Life” by Jane Anderson, he portrays an aging hippie who faces death with dignity and a deep world view. Rachel Alt portrays his beautiful, anguished wife. She is outstanding and eminently watchable as she wrestles with life’s cruelties—determined to adhere to her self inflicted and seemingly irreversible decision.

Co-director Ben Fabrizi is riveting as he explodes with anger and grief. He wipes unmistakable tears from his face with huge broad brush strokes. Susi Williams, as the heartbroken mother, is reeling from the recent death of her daughter. She is fascinating as a bereaved parent who has become mesmerized by her own cocoon of denial.

Ubiquitous and ever efficient producer/stage manager Anna Wolf capably utilizes the intimate setting at the Landmark Poppenhusen Institute, 114-04 14th Road in College Point. Contact the troupe at (516) 678-0016 or surf to for information.

Truly a group of actors that routinely surpass many of their Queens competitors, every performance is time well spent. As always, save me a seat on the aisle.