Persian parade draws over 100,000 people

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Dr. Niki Rezzadeh, Founder of Persian Parade (third from left), with Shahin Samouhi (left), hostess, and committee members

Through my friend Pouran, who owns the salon, spa and boutique at the North Shore Towers, I met a marvelously talented designer, Shahin. She has made many of the outfits I wear to the major events we run. Shahin invited me to a dinner party she was having at her home for some of the leaders in the community.

They are planning their annual parade down Madison Avenue on April 16. It has grown so large they now are organizing another one in Beverly Hills.

As the founder of the parade said to me, “We want to show that we Iranian women don’t all wear face coverings. We are so proud of our culture that is thousands of years old. That day is a celebration of it.”

Yet another group of WOW women. Here’s to woman power in the new year!

Shahin and her daughter Nina Yousefzadeh, founder of The Global Penicillingirl Project.

Pouran and leaders of the Persian community.