Parking in New York City—there’s an app for that

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Parking in New York, especially Manhattan, can be as frustrating as trying to figure out that last calculus exam you had in college…and never studied for.  And that’s not even mentioning the expense.

A new system can take some of the headache out of it and reduce the stress and tension.

Want to catch a show, cheer your favorite team or have dinner at a nice restaurant?  All you have to do now is log onto a new app, PANGO and instantly reserve a parking space.

The new app permits drivers to select a parking space from an extensive list of garages inNew York.  Open the app, pick a location near your destination and when you arrive there is a space guaranteed for you.  Continuing with modern technology, you can even pay the parking fee via credit card on the PANGO app.

Through with dinner, shopping, the show or an athletic event?  All you have to do is log back into PANGO and inform the garage that you are on the way.  When you arrive your car will be upfront and waiting for you.

Taking it a step further, in addition to eliminating the need to carry a pocket full of change or losing your credit card in a Muni Meter station, PANGO will permit you to pay electronically.  You can also track how much time is left on the meter through the home page and avoid expensive overtime parking tickets.

Sweetening the deal a bit, PANGO users are given a list of coupons that can be redeemed for discounts at stores acrossNew York City.