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Why not name Park Row after J&R Music and Computer World? Thousands of native New Yorkers shop there every day. It is also a convenient stop at lunch or after work for several thousand more based in downtown Manhattan. Many out of town tourists also make the pilgrimage on a daily basis when visiting the Big Apple.

The owners of J&R Music and Computer World long ago assisted our community, which currently faces a 9% plus unemployment rate. J&R employes several hundred people. Hundreds more working for other companies deliver fresh merchandise to the store on a daily basis. Likewise, an equal number of people assist in shipping merchandise once sold. Several thousand other people work for firms who manufacture products sold there. Each year, J&R generates millions of dollars in sales tax, employee payroll, property tax and other revenues to the City. This does not even include all the money J&R spends in advertising.

Expansion of the store over past decades provided work for construction contractors and their employees. This provided more jobs for J&R employees, suppliers and delivery people. All pay taxes and are our neighbors.

The free enterprise system made our nation great. Economic growth and the creation of wealth comes from millions of small businesses such as J&R Music and Computer World without the assistance of “Stimulus” taxpayers dollars.

Not a week goes by, with one of our useless 51 NYC Council members name a street after some recently deceased neighbor or celebrity. What’s the harm in assisting J&R Music and Computer World in marketing one the most successful local businesses in downtown Manhattan, let alone New York City by naming the street after their firm.

Members of Community Board One in lower Manhattan should grow up, get a life, move on and do the right thing by thanking J&R Music World and renaming Park Row for them.