Our miracle has come to us

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Proud papa Josh!

After days of labor and three days with the wonderful staff at Lenox Hill Hospital, my son Josh and his beautiful loving wife Tracey welcomed into the world our little darling Hudson Dean Schneps. What joy! What overwhelming love!

I don’t know who said it first, but “over the moon” may best describe my feelings to see that six pound, 13 ounce bundle of perfection join our world.

It really seems to me to be a miracle when a baby grows into a perfectly formed, tiny person.

During Tracey’s three days in the hospital my constant companions were my daughters Samantha and Elizabeth, who had come from Dallas with her two darlings, one-year-old Addison and energetic, bright, beautiful, three-year-old Jonah.

Tracey had passed her due date and her brilliant, caring doctor, Irving Buterman had recommended she get admitted to monitor her baby. So we all gathered to support Josh. Tracey’s mom Eileen had arrived from California so she was there too. We were an entourage of cheerleaders. Josh had decided he would stay over with Tracey in the private “birthing” room.

Monday turned to Tuesday and our dearly awaited baby was not ready to join our world. He was high in his mom’s uterus and was not moving. And so we all waited. Tracey was given medication to encourage the baby’s birth but he just wasn’t ready to join our world. In what was an amazement to all of us Dr. Buterman took time to sit with us and slowly and patiently explain why he was waiting. He wanted Tracey to have every chance to give birth naturally. And so another day of waiting passed.

Wednesday saw us returning to the city to see what awaited Tracey and the baby. Again Dr. Buterman took the time to talk with us and during the conversation we discovered that he knew Dr. Eulio Jerez who had retired from practice and was the doctor who delivered Josh.

Interestingly, they are of similar styles: single practitioners who are passionate about their work and their patients, literally working 24/7. I had come to love and respect Dr. Jerez, who became my gynecologist after he delivered my fourth baby, Josh. I never met anyone like him until we met Tracey’s doctor. How fortunate she is.

Well Wednesday was the day the decision was made to have Tracey deliver by Caesarean section. I had all four of my children that way so I knew it would be fine, since she was in the hands of a doctor who had delivered 10,000 babies! It doesn’t get better than this.

With Tracey feeling well and her makeup and hair perfect she walked to the delivery room with Josh. Within 25 minutes she had her darling Hudson and I just cried with relief and joy that he was perfect. My prayers had been answered and I was so grateful!

So welcome to our world, Hudson! May it be a life of fulfillment, health and happiness, and may your dreams come true as mine have.