OH ORLY: Week of November 10

| oamor@queenscourier.com |

I have just moved to a new city. I am finding it a challenge to make new friends and feel like I have lost touch with my old friends. Do you have any suggestions that could help me?

Judy W.

Kensington, Brooklyn

Dear Judy,

First, congratulations on your move. Making new friends is easy! You can go to different meet-ups for “New in Town” people just like yourself. You can go to your local community center or YMCA and find the activities they offer that pique your interest, or you can volunteer for many different organizations.

What you don’t want to do is stay home. Get out there and meet new people, and in no time you will have new friends and be invited to a myriad of events. Regarding your old friends, I suggest you call them from time to time to touch base. I am sure they’ll appreciate that.

Some will keep in touch and some won’t. I can assure you it is not personal or anything to do with you if they don’t keep in touch. Some people are good at getting friendships and some people are good at maintaining friendships. Soon enough you will know which ones they are.

All for the best,