New York Mets Stir-Up Sunday: Reyes, Pelfrey, All-Stars

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     Hello again Mets fans, welcome back to another edition of Stir-Up Sunday! After an offensive explosion on the road through Texas and Detroit, the Mets seem to have hit a wall in that department and in the win column as well. Ever since facing Tigers ace Justin Verlander, the Mets have lost their last 3 games, scoring a total of just 5 runs in the process. However the opposition scored 5 runs in every single one of those 3 losses, so the offense is going to need to pick up the pace again if the team wants to get back in the win column. However, if you watched yesterday’s ballgame, that task may have become easier said than done.

     You’ve heard the saying, you know the saying: As Reyes goes, so do the Mets. Well, things got a bit dismal yesterday when Jose had to leave the middle game of the Subway Series with tightness in his left hamstring. While it’s alleviating that the hamstring he injured is NOT the one he tore up back in 2009, nevertheless it’s still a cause for alarm. This affects the ballclub in an array of different ways. The Mets staff has allowed an average of 5.6 runs a game over the past 8 played, so if that’s how it going to be, we need as much offensive firepower as we can possibly get. Jose is our offensive spark plug, our catalyst. He frequently creates runs for the Mets, and now with him out (and with our medical staff’s dubious diagnosis skills who knows when he’ll really be back) it’s going to be a lot harder to push across runs. In addition, who knows what this will mean for Jose’s free agency stock if he ends up missing significant time. Reyes has undergone an MRI, and while the results aren’t yet known, the word going around is that the injury is not a serious one. But like I always, I never believe anything the medical staff tells me. My eyes are all I trust, so until I see Reyes suited up back in his customary shortstop and leadoff man positions, I’m fearing for the worst! Get well SOON Jose!

     So, with team MVP Reyes out of action for the time being, his teammates need to pick up the slack. And one guy who we’d love to see do so, is Mike Pelfrey. I just don’t know anymore, I am sick and tired of waiting for him to achieve consistent success. After tossing a complete game gem at home versus the Angels, Pelf has regressed yet again over his past two starts. The Mets two interleague road losses last roadtrip were both on account of Pelfrey, who pitched 10 and two thirds innings allowing 9 runs (8 earned) with opponents posting a .356/.434/.533 slash line against him. What more can we say? We constantly make excuses for Pelf, whether it be his sports psychologist’s passing, or concentration issues, or the fact he is trying to do too much since he was dubbed the Mets default ace way back in spring. Enough. Six seasons in, his career record is below .500 (47-48) with a career ERA of 4.39. He’s nothing like what a top 10 #1 draft pick should be. He looks like a mediocre 5th starter out there. Guys chosen behind him in the 2005 amateur draft like Andrew McCutchen, Jay Bruce, Jacoby Ellsbury and Colby Rasmus have thrived in the bigs, all either All-Stars or players who you just know will be All-Stars in time. Think Pelfrey is ever going to develop into an All-Star, a top of the rotation starter? He had his opportunity to do so this season with Johan Santana on the shelf, and he simply didn’t run with it. As far as I am concerned, if and when Santana does return from injury, Pelfrey is the pitcher who deserves the bump from the front five to make room. No question.

     And finally, despite what other people think of the All-Star Game – I know some have their reservations regarding the entire gala – I enjoy it and am looking forward to watching it as always. Since I was a little kid, it’s just one of those events that’s caused me to think to myself "Ah, it’s summertime!" And while I always root National League of course, I root extra hard for the Mets on the club. I want to wish congratulations to Carlos Beltran, who was elected to his 6th All-Star game, 5th as a Met. There was much skepticism during spring training on just how much Beltran would be able to contribute. Well here we are months later, and Carlos has exceeded all expectations. He is leading the Mets in home runs, RBI, walks, and games played entering today. He has been more than we ever could have asked for, and I am happy he earned an All-Star nod. And of course, perhaps no player was more deserving of a nod than Jose Reyes. Not only has he been the Mets MVP this season, he is the MVP of the entire National League to this point as well. Congratulations Jose, but please get healthy!

     So, sound off! Concerned over the injury Jose sustained in yesterday’s ballgame? Are you tired of Mike Pelfrey by now and in favor of some sort of demotion whenever Santana comes off the DL? And were there any other Mets who you think should have been elected to the 82nd edition of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game? Comment below, and as always my dear friends, thank you forever for stopping on by to read!