New York Mets Stir-Up Sunday: Reyes, Murphy, Pelfrey

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     Hello again Mets fans, and welcome back once more to Stir-Up Sunday! Well, it seems that another summer week has gone and passed us by, and with each week that expires, the bad news surrounding the Mets increases it seems. One week ago today, the Mets lost two key members of their infield in a Sunday matinee game against Atlanta. In the standings entering today’s action, the Mets find themselves a whopping 20 games out of first place in the NL East, as well as 11.5 games out of the Wild Card. You know it when you see, so be realistic. We’ve officially arrived at that point in the season where the Mets are playing for pride. So as the team takes stock of what it’s got within the organization in preparation for next year’s clean slate, let us dissect the latest Mets news.

     Obviously the most crushing of the past week’s blows was Jose Reyes once again being placed on the 15-day disabled list, aggravating the same left hamstring he did last month. Sandy Alderson said Jose will likely miss 2-3 weeks, and in all honesty, the contract he receives in the offseason will also take a hit. We really don’t know what Jose and his agents are expecting him to receive on the market, but the "Carl Crawford money" he was expected to get prior to the All-Star Break probably isn’t happening now. Jose simply cannot stay healthy. He’s had so many injury problems over the years, and now two in the same area of his body during his walk year? It’s going to frighten teams into giving in big money. I’m still in favor of the Mets trying to lure him back to Flushing when the season’s over; after all there really isn’t anybody who can supply all the weapons Jose provides. But what if some team is crazy enough to offer him a Jayson Werth type of deal (AKA a ridiculous deal that the player surely doesn’t deserve and can’t find anywhere else) that he just can’t turn down. What do the Mets do then? Would it be wise of them to try and match it even with Jose’s injury history? I can’t wait to see how this plays out; it’s just way too chancy to make a prediction on.

     In addition to Reyes’ injury on Sunday, Daniel Murphy suffered one as well, although his was much more serious. Trying to make the tag on a Jose Constanza stolen base attempt, Murph got spiked on his left leg, tearing the MCL in his left knee. He’ll be lost for the year, but surgery isn’t required and he should be back for spring training. But will it be for the Mets? For years now, Murphy has been a man without a position in New York, and his inexperience at second likely cost him his season due to his poor positioning at the bag. So, do the Mets cross off second base as a place for Murphy to play everyday in 2012? It’s all or nothing with Daniel. We either have to have him in the lineup everyday – he is in the top 5 as far as NL batting average is concerned – or dealt away for another piece(s), we can’t just keep a solid hitter like that on the bench. But where do we put him? Is second base the solution, even though he’s already lost two seasons now due to getting spiked while playing there? The outfield was simply a disaster when he was out there, so for all the runs he’s able to drive in, he’ll be giving them back due to his shoddy defense. Another tall task for Alderson to solve this winter. Does Murphy stay, or does he go?

     And finally, the Mets had to face more issues, this time off the field, when Mike Pelfrey made some minor derogatory remarks regarding the team’s chances of contending in 2011. According to the Post, Pelfrey stated “It’s unrealistic for anybody at the end of last year to come in and say, ‘The Mets, this is a one-year thing, next year we’re going to win it all’…It’s unrealistic.” Honestly, I don’t think the comments were that big of a deal. What he said was true yes, the team is going to have to take their route to becoming steady contenders step by step, so in reality Pelf spoke pretty much in truths. Should these comments have been kept in house? Probably yeah, but I don’t consider these statements much of a slam, so I think we can give Mike a break.

     Well, what say you Mets fans? With this latest injury, how should the Mets NOW approach Jose Reyes’ offseason situation? And what about Daniel Murphy’s position dilemma? And were you angered or offended by the comments that Mike Pelfrey made? Comment your opinions below, and as always Mets fans, thank you very much for reading!