New York Mets Stir-Up Sunday: Mejia, Davis, Young

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     Hello hello my dear friends, welcome on back to another edition of New York Mets Stir-Up Sunday! Well, we all remember in 2009 how a rash of crippling injuries more or less ruined the inaugural year at Citi Field, a year that had potential for great things after the way Jerry Manuel turned the team around in 2008. Well, we’re only about a month and change into 2011 and already the injury bug has taken a generous bite out of the Mets roster. With Johan Santana, Bobby Parnell, Pedro Beato, and Angel Pagan already on the DL, the last week plus has extended the list of Mets that appear on that star-crossed list. A key prospect, a key starter, and a key hitter all fell victim in recent days, let’s examine them all shall we?

     Arguably the most devastating of the Mets triumvirate of injuries would have to be top pitching prospect Jenrry Mejia’s. The 21 year old stud was pitching decently in AAA, but suffered a complete tear of the MCL in his right elbow. The tragic end result: Tommy John surgery. As I’m sure you know, the full rehabilitation time this procedure takes for pitchers is one year. Counting time he’ll probably take getting seasoning in the minors, I think it’s safe to say Mejia will play little to no role for the Mets until maybe 2013. Huge disappointment for a team that really hasn’t had a dynamite pitching prospect since Doc Gooden’s debut in the 1980s. Mike Pelfrey, Dillon Gee, and Jon Niese are all respectable in their own ways, but I truly believe that the team had big expectations for Mejia. Such a blow is really detrimental for the team’s blueprint for the future, and with the way Fernando Martinez has disappointed in his brief career thus far, hopefully we won’t be talking in a handful of years about how the club’s most hyped hitting and pitching prospects were total busts like other prospects have been in the past. Here’s to a successful surgery Jenrry, get well soon.

     Another young player went down as well this week when the Mets placed Ike Davis on the 15 day DL with a left ankle sprain and a bone bruise. This was an injury he suffered in a collision with David Wright over a pop-up near the pitcher’s mound, so it’s safe to say this could have been a preventable injury. It’s super aggravating, because Ike’s avoided a sophomore slump and has turned into one of our most dependable bats in the lineup. He’s down, Carlos Beltran’s out with what may be pink eye, and Jason Bay isn’t hitting anything anymore. Such an avoidable injury is hindering us big time. Hopefully this injury doesn’t keep Ike out too long, and hopefully Ike’s hitting stays the same whenever he does return to the lineup. The starting pitching has been rather hit or miss this season, so we really need the bullpen and the lineup to pick up their slack for them. With Davis out with a needless injury, that task becomes harder than it needs to be.

     And finally, sad news for injury-riddled starter Chris Young, who will undergo season-ending surgery on his shoulder. Story of his career really, which is a total shame no major leaguer should have to endure. Young was signed for an affordable 1.1 million in the offseason, and appeared in just 4 starts for the Mets in 2011, matching his 2010 total in San Diego. 3 of those starts were absolutely dominant. If he was healthy all year long, there’s no doubt in my mind he would have put together a truly ace-like final line. Losing him definitely hurts our front five, even if Dillon Gee is now able to remain in the rotation for the long haul. Thankfully Young’s contract was an affordable one, so losing money isn’t a real issue here. Young was probably the closest instance of a sure thing that our rotation had, and losing him really will sting. Everyone’s going to have to step up big time now. Times are hard in Metland. Our lineup, rotation, bullpen, and farm system have all become hampered by the damned injury bug. It’s time to put up or shut up. Will this team show how much depth it actually has? Or, will it succumb to the bug the way it did in 2009. We’ll soon find out.

     Sound off Mets faithful! Will Jenrry Mejia make any sort of contribution next season, or is 2013 the year we should be looking forward to for MejiaMania? Can Ike Davis continue to be the impact player he has been when his stint on the DL is up? Do you think Chris Young’s Mets career is over as a result of his season-ending injury? Will the Mets survive all of the injuries they’ve endured thus far in 2011? Comment below my fellow fans! As always, thank you SO much for stopping by to read my thoughts!