New York Mets Stir-Up Sunday: Davis, Bay, K-Rod

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     Hello one, and hello all! After a brief hiatus, we return with New York Mets Stir-Up Sunday! With the halfway mark of the season nearly upon us, we are able to sit back, take a good look at our favorite ballclub, and say with confidence to ourselves that a lot has changed from the previous regime into this one. The difference between the current GM and the past GM are like night and day, and the players and press seem to have a lot more positive things to say about Terry Collins as Mets manager then they did about his predecessors. We’re not exactly able to call things in Metland "ideal", but it’s certainly safe to say the changes that have gone down seem to be for the better. However, there is one change that has not been made that’s been infuriating Mets fans to no end.

     The problem I speak of, is the misdiagnosing of injuries. This has been a consistent problem over the last number of years, and its led to tons of frustration from the fanbase, so much so that the medical staff has been booed on the field in recent Opening Days just because they never seem to get anything right. Jose Reyes has been a victim of this, as has Carlos Beltran. David Wright isn’t exactly coming back as quickly as we thought either. But the latest complaint comes in the form of Ike Davis, who will likely be lost for the remainder of the season barring a miracle. At first it looked like an injury that wasn’t such a big deal, his recovery would be a speedy one. Then came MRI’s, and walking boots, and now the latest word on the street regarding Davis is he’ll be shut down for another 3 weeks, and if things don’t improve, microfracture surgery that will end his season may be the only solution. Can anyone doctor this team? It’s obvious now that this isn’t some little problem that was supposed to be solved with new management. There is something sincerely wrong with the way Met doctors are identifying injuries. I don’t know what can be done to solve this, but I feel like the misdiagnoses are a lot more common and a lot more prominent when it come to the Mets medical staff.

     So with Davis likely out for a longer amount of time then expected, the season-long power outage the Mets have endured will continue. And a large reason for the Mets being fifth from the bottom out of all 30 Major League teams in home runs would have to be Jason Bay. Now credit does need to be delivered where credit is due. Entering play today, Bay has risen his average from .207 to .241 over his last 9 games by posting a slash line of .378/.395/.514. However, the power game Bay once had seems to have disappeared from his repertoire. He’s got over 200 plate appearances this season, he has one solitary jack. Just 8 of his 45 hits this season have gone for extra bases to boot. I am happy he’s hitting and raising his batting average, I truly am. At least we’re getting some sort of value for the hefty contract Bay signed. But I mean, we gave him the plump pact to boost our lineup in the power department, not to be a 16 million dollar singles hitter. I’m happy Bay is coming around, but I can’t say I’m happy with his performance completely until he’s hitting for power again.

     And finally, Francisco Rodriguez caused a mini stir this past week when he said he would accept a trade to a contending team and pitch in a setup role if that team asked. The two teams K-Rod listed when stating this fact were the Rays and the Yankees. People got a little fussy over this, but I honestly don’t see an issue with it. Frankie isn’t saying that he wants to get traded. If he did, this would be different. All he did was say if the situation arose, that would be his intention. Honestly, I feel the entire thing was blown out of proportion, primarily because he mentioned teams by name, the Yankees in particular. And as we all know, stating any intention of being traded to a rival like the Yankees or the Phillies is not going to pass under the radar quietly. But like I said, it’s not as if K-Rod actually said he wants out of Flushing. Chill!

     What say you friends and fans? Is there anything that can be done to fix the way the injuries are constantly being misread over and over? Is Bay’s recent string of singles hitting satisfying, or does the power outage just completely nullify it? And were you bothered by the comments K-Rod made? Comment below, and thanks for stopping by!