MTA; Create A NE Queens To Lower Manhattan Express Bus Route

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A few weeks ago I wrote about the mystery of the weekly unlimited express bus MetroCard. As a follow up to that post, I wanted to make everyone aware that I did send MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota a letter asking him to address the problem. I am still waiting for a response. As soon as I hear back from the MTA, I will update you all.


This week I would like to address another issue with the express bus service in Northeast Queens. My friend Ali Fadil approached me about the possibility of creating a new express route that would travel into lower Manhattan. When you think about it, all express bus that currently travel into Manhattan from Northeast Queens go either up Third avenue or up Sixth avenue to 59th Street. Ali is right, there are no express busses from Northeast Queens that go to lower Manhattan.


I do know a few people that take the express bus with me and get off at 42nd street and then take the 4, 5 or 6 train to lower Manhattan. If the MTA created a new express route in Northeast Queens that went into Lower Manhattan that would make the commute of many riders much easier and cheaper.


As I have said before Northeast Queens is a community that depends on surface transit. Adding a Lower Manhattan express bus route to the QM2 or QM20 would make a lot of sense. I am confident that there are enough riders in Northeast Queens who would ride this bus to sustain the route for the MTA. So my message to MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota once again is please consider creating this new express bus route and provide Northeast Queens with the express bus service we need.