Mom & Thanksgiving

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It’s Thanksgiving again and my thoughts take me back to a Thanksgiving in days gone by. I think many of us remember our moms and all the preparations our moms would put into that special day, to make it a most important day. I remember such a day living in Queens Village in the 1960’s.


My mom would draft me into helping out with the preparations one Thanksgiving eve. My mom would be cooking for my father, myself and two blind borders named Charlie and John my mom would take care of and treated as family not to mention our pets, a dog named Ginger and a cat named Susan. She would start with the bread which she would toast to make into the stuffing. She would sit me down on the dinning room table and I would mix the bread with other ingredients which would make up the stuffing and later put into the bird. She would later that night make many of the foods from scratch. I remember she would bake many different pies like apple, pumpkin and chocolate cake which she would let me lick the spoon as a treat for helping out.


The smell of the house had many different scents that would permeate every room in the house. Yet I feel more importantly these scents were the product of her hard work and yes her love for us all and wanted it to be a most perfect day. The next day after everything was cooked and prepared we would all sit down in the dinning room. My father would say a pray and thank our Lord for our bounty and our many blessings. He would than start to cut up the turkey as my mother would pass out the rest of the dishes to go with it. It truely was a most memorable Thanksgiving.


But I do regret one thing though and that is I think I never told her how much I appreciate her efforts that Thanksgiving. You see she pass away the following year and didn’t make the next Thanksgiving and died on September 17, 1963.


I know it is late but let me say now,” Mom thanks for making Thanksgiving a special day of love for all of us.”


Let me ask also that all that read this to thank their moms, and all the special women in their lives that put so much effort into this very special day.