Mitt Romney for President

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I know you are not going to like what I have to say to those who read this opinion of mine.

First of all, I can’t support a politcal party that advocates the systematic murdeer of unborn children. Millions of our nation’s children have been wiped off the face of the earth. They could have been the finest minds and humantarians. Meanwhile, the medical profession has made millions of dollars by performing abortions. I can’t except this. I feel when it is my time to meet my maker I feel he will be asked why I did not say enough to save his children.

Now, before the Democratic convention the Democratic platform was not to mention God our creator nor was there to be support of Israel. Good thing some came to reason and did wake up and smelled the coffee. As for Mitt Romney’s video: what he said was not said well and taken out of context but he did tell the truth. Forty-seven percent who are for Obama are dependent upon government and believe they are entilied without working for it. There are even some who believe that wealth be distributed better. Well that’s Socialism, I guess that is because we have a Socialist-minded president.

Now, here in New York, the Occupy Wall Streeters were at it again bashing those who make money the hard way and that is they earn it and are not given government handouts for the most part. My question is where is the incentive to create and work hard and see ones endeavors reach fruition? Capitalism is based on one’s ability to create jobs and build a company that in turn benefits those willing to work hard. Now that’s the American way. Now let’s talk about the first admendment and the freedom of religion. Where does our government get off by forcing the church to obey its laws when it violates its tenents of faith. Now don’t get me started. There is this poll I heard about that has not been wrong in 50 years in predicting the next president and they are picking Mitt Romney, well they could be right.

Well I guess I said too much, sorry.