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In my class we practice something called “Mindful Minutes.” Being mindful is a calm and relaxing thing. It makes you feel peaceful and even joyful. You can take a few minutes to yourself to have mindful breathing, listening or seeing. Mostly you do it with your eyes closed, but it can all be relaxing and help to make you focus.

Here are some steps to help you get started:

-First you find a comfortable place and sit nice and tall (for the whole time). Please keep your eyes closed and bring your hand mindfully to your anchor spot.

-An anchor spot can be your stomach, your heart or your nose or any place that you can feel your breathing.

-Now, please take mindful breaths for one whole minute while keeping your hand on your anchor spot.

-Hear all the sounds around you and keep your eyes closed.

-Take a moment to know your feelings.

“Mindful Minutes” are great to do because you can do it anywhere you are. When you are finished with it you feel ready to work and to do a great job. If you are feeling sad or angry or worried this kind of breathing can help you, too. Just remember that if you are walking and you want to do Mindful Minutes, keep your eyes open!

Thank you Mrs. Lupoli for teaching me all about being mindful.