Michael P. Murphy honored

| fbedell@queenscourier.com |

The USS Michael Murphy, a DD261 class destroyer, was christened today. It was named after a true American hero, Lt. Michael P. Murphy who died in 2005 trying to save his fellow Navy Seals. He received the Medal of Honor for his brave actions in Afghanistan’s Kunar Province, where he was mortally wounded but continued fighting. Now, here is a great honor for a great man who now has a great ship named after him. I myself had served aboard the USS Leahy DLG 16 during the Vietnam era and was very proud of my ship and our mission. As a former sailor I salute Michael P. Murphy for a job well done. As my captain once said to me, “Carry on sailor.” Well let me say to Lt. Murphy, carry on sailor for you now will never be forgotten.