Long Bus Ride in Bad Storm

By Queens Courier Staff |

On Monday, August 1, a very bad thunder storm mixed with hail – which measured three inches in diameter as shown on page two of the Courier – hit Great Neck, Little Neck, Douglaston, Glen Oaks Village and New Hyde Park wrecking havoc for many.
I was one of those caught in this storm. I was in Great Neck at the time and was getting on the N25 going toward Floral Park when the storm hit. The rain was getting heavy and flooded the whole south side of the station – even covering the sidewalks.
After this bus I was to connect to the Q46 near LIJ Hospital on Lakeview road. Now mind you this trip was to take about 25 minutes to get to LIJ but ended up taking about four hours. It was raining hard when all of a sudden we heard loud thunder and saw lightening, and if that was not enough we saw large chunks of hail falling from the sky.
It got a little frightening but most of us held back our fears. Our bus took quite awhile to travel down Northern Boulevard and then make its turn up Community Drive and when we got half way up the police had to turn us around. Our bus driver said don’t worry we will make a detour and go up Lakeview Road. It took us a long time because Northern Boulevard was slowly becoming a parking lot and we were lucky to be traveling two miles an hour. Not to mention there were quite a few crazy drivers doing a lot of stupid moves.
I must praise our bus driver who kept his eyes on the road and kept us informed and safe. Our driver really knew what to do and did the right things. I guess he was fully aware that his passengers were his most important responsibility. And he did it well and for that all of us on the N25 are very grateful.
As for myself I got to LIJ at 7:45 and the Q46 had soon arrived and I had gotten home to Glen Oaks Village at 8:00. Truly most weary but safe and sound. Oh, did I forget to mention it was my birthday that day. It will truly be a birthday I will never forget.