Living in Long Island City

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I have called Long Island City, NY my home for the past three and a half years now and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I grew up in a small town of about 40 people called Redfield, Kansas and as weird as it may sound living in New York City, walking out of the Vernon/Jackson stop into the beautiful streets of LIC reminds me of a small town, and that’s one of the many reasons I love living in Long Island City.

There’s also a great sense of community in LIC and in the past three and a half years my wife and I have got to know a lot of our neighbors and many of the restaurant owners in our neighborhood. Including Mr. Shi, the owner of SHI, who I’m now proud to call Reverend Shi because he actually married us at our wedding this past July! My wife and I were also engaged at Shi and we have had so many amazing times there.

We’re so excited for the soon to open Skinny’s Cantina, named after Mr. Shi’s brother, we tried some of their food at Taste of LIC in June and it was incredible! Sal from Bella Via is also a very good friend of ours and we’ve spent many fun Sunday afternoons sitting at the bar at Bella Via and talking heavy metal and Hawaii with Sal. We also love the Dominies Hoek brunch and Leo the bartender is such a great guy. We just watched the NYC Marathon outdoors at Masso and had a blast! Masso is one of our favorite spots in LIC to go when it’s snowing, they have some amazing winter cocktails and an awesome firplace too. My wife and I really miss M Wells diner and hope it returns to the neighborhood soon.

We’re also really excited about Alewife opening in our neighborhood. We loved Lucky Mojo’s when it was in the same spot and now that there’s a craft beer bar in the same spot we’ll be visiting there alot!

I could go on and on and on about all of the place and things we love about Long Island City but that’s just a taste for now and since there are many new places opening all the time we’ll be very busy exploring our neighborhood for years to come!
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