Life is a roller coaster

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Rabbi Jennifer Goldsmith helped proud parents Tracey and Josh welcome Hudson Dean into the world and into the Jewish faith.

When I was a little girl my father had to make the operator of a roller coaster close it down because I was crying hysterically. I was so protected by my parents that I think it gave me the strength to live through the roller coaster of life.

Last week was the deepest dipping roller coaster ride of my life. On Tuesday I had breast surgery; on Wednesday my precious little (6 pound, 13 ounce) Hudson had his bris, a celebratory service/ceremony for Jewish boys eight days after their birth; on Thursday I learned that my breast surgery was successful; then on Friday my husband Stu was hospitalized with a fever and infection; I got to spend Saturday with Hudson and mom and dad Tracey and Josh in their new home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn; then on Sunday I had a glorious day with my four other treasures, grandchildren Blake, Morgan, Jonah and Addison.

What a life! Somehow I’ve learned to ride the high and lows and share many of them with all of you. So I’m bursting with pride and joy to share with you the miracle of Hudson.

We had asked the rabbi who married Josh and Tracey, Jennifer Goldsmith, to run the service welcoming Hudson into the Covenant of Abraham and Sarah.

Before friends and family Rabbi Goldsmith explained that the ceremony recognizes the miracle of birth and the connection to the generations who have gone before and the promise of a new life yet to unfold. It affirms the connection to the generations of Israelites.

I particularly embraced the rabbi sharing with us “…that the great events of this world are not battles and elections and earthquakes, the greatest events are babies. For every child comes with a message that God is not discouraged with humankind.”

Later in the ceremony while holding Hudson in their arms, Tracey and Josh thanked God for the gift of their precious child and “asked for guidance to instruct him with compassion that he may grow up loving humanity, striving always to be open to the needs of others, ready to share the sweetness of his spirit and to extend a helping hand to all in need.” Such powerful words and feelings that I have embraced in my life.

The bris ceremony has been held for thousands of years and I was proud to offer these words that my ancestors spoke: “May we be granted the joy of seeing Hudson develop and grow, helping him along the way to bring out the best that is in him.”

The wonder of the ceremony and love all around me made my heart swell for my beloved son Josh and his wonderful wife Tracey. May all their prayers and hopes for their beloved baby come true…