Leave It To Fred Wilpon…

| jpascullo@queenscourier.com |

     I’m still pretty young, so I can’t exactly say I’ve had a wide array of bosses in my brief lifetime. Therefore, I also can’t say I’ve seen all that the working world has to offer. However, if I were in the shoes of a man with the title of "boss", I can kind of imagine what type of guy I would be. Surely I’d be realistic about the pieces I’ve got, but would I openly insult and criticize my employees in the manner a certain Mets team owner did yesterday? Absolutely not.

     As I’m sure you all know by now, Fred Wilpon was featured in a nice little rags-to-riches story turned despicable by the way he spoke of his team and individual members of it. I don’t even know what to say anymore. I’ve been awaiting the day the Wilpons no longer can be called team owners for obvious reasons for quite some time now, but this?! This undoubtedly puts the nail in the coffin for me. This club has had PR disaster after PR disaster over the past number of seasons, and so far in 2011 the Mets have kind of been able to avoid all that unpleasantness. But of course, leave it to Freddie-boy to muck all that up. I’m not entirely sure what he tried to achieve with the comments he made, but I can’t find any conceivable way to make it sound good.

     David Wright: "A really good kid. A very good player. Not a superstar." Um…ok? This is the man who’s been the face of the franchise for quite some time now. The consummate professional who never causes any waves or negative press whatsoever. The player that’s become a fan-favorite at Shea and Citi Field over the course of his very good career. Why say anything negative about him? What’s the point? David Wright’s been a bright spot for a franchise that YOU Fred Wilpon are more responsible than anyone for screwing up! Wright isn’t deserving of this knock whatsoever. Instead David’s been nothing but a loyal player for the New York Mets, and has stated on many occasions his desire to play in orange and blue for the remainder of his career. Does this change? Does Wright still desire to work for a boss that doesn’t view him for what he is? Who knows what capacity Fred’ll have with the Mets in a few years time, but if Wright leaves via free agency, it may just be another one of the many screw-up’s he’s committed in his time as team owner.

     And with his commentary on Jose Reyes’ impending free agency, well we may as well kiss any chance of a hometown discount goodbye. Or a return at all for that matter. Thank God Reyes is playing for a contract, because at least there’s no chance of a mutiny from him. But still, this was a guy the team’s fanbase would adore to have back. With the comments from Fred Wilpon, do you think he wants to work for a boss like that? No, I think not. I really have enjoyed Jose’s play, and would have loved having him and Wright cover the left side of our infield for years to come. Now, Reyes is as good as gone, and who knows if Wright will be in Flushing when his time to test free agency arrives. And another thing. I realized Wilpon called the team "shitty" back in April when, yes, the team did in fact resemble something of a horror flick. However, if you’re giving an interview, don’t you think you should keep commentary such as that in-house? You know, for fear that it’ll get published in a city like New York and cause a gigantic firestorm? Unless that’s what Fred wants, because it’s what he’s got.

     How will this affect the club long term? Are future stars going to want to play for a guy like this? Put it in realistic terms, would you want to work for a boss that, rather than encouraging, slams your faults at the workplace? A boss that calls you and the rest of your fellow co-workers shitty? This may very well have a long-term effect on the way people view what the Mets organization is all about. We’ve been waiting for Wilpon to sell the team, waiting and waiting and waiting. After the way he aired out his nasty opinions for all of the country to read, is it now not a matter of if he sells the team, but more like, when he sells the team? Can he look in the mirror on a daily basis, and honestly say to himself he’s the best man for the job? If Fred loves the Mets as much as he claims to, he should do the right thing and let them go. He’s a mess, he’s out of his mind, and he isn’t welcome in my eyes.