Kindness of strangers most lacking

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The holidays have been very hectic and the message seems to have  been lost — and that is to be concerned for our fellow human beings. An example of this happened the day before Christmas Eve, as my wife was shopping alone in Glen Oaks Village. As my wife Eva was going from store to store to finish her shopping, she tripped and fell on the sidewalk in front of one of the stores and hit the ground hard, hurting herself. The real sad thing is she said two men saw what happened and kept on walking and did nothing but look as they continued on their merry way.  I find this very sad and is a complete lack of human kindness to do nothing when someone is hurt and needs help .

I think what these men could have done was help her up and maybe called for help. What ever happen to the good Samaritan’s? I guess they were too busy shopping too.  My wife Eva is always doing things for others and has even helped a stranger from time to time who was in distress. She did not need to be disrespected but needed help. The end result was we went to the emergency ward at LIJ and she was examined and told her hand may need surgery due to possible ligament damage.

The two men who passed her by, I wonder if it was their mother, sister or girlfriend would they want them treated as they did my wife?

We all need to remember we need to treat others like we would want to be treated.