Killing Kompany kontinues komedy

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No matter what challenges face us, it is our sense of humor that helps keep us strong. Just ask Jon Avner and his Killing Kompany comedy theatre troupe. Since the early 1990s, he and his revolving cast of characters-all professional actors– have entertained throughout the greater metropolitan area; In fact, anywhere they can get away with making you laugh!

Let’s go back to the scene of the crime. It’s Friday at Villa Umberto’s fine restaurant. They’re located near the city line at90 Meacham Ave,Elmont. Must be close to 100 guests enjoying a great meal and a performance of “Murder by Reality TV; Redneck Rehab.” The actors are chatting with the guests at each table. They are dressed in costume and remain in character all evening.

There’s Doc Billy Bob (Bob Ader) eyeing the eggplant rollatini. That’s Doc Billy Ray (John Nelson) enjoying the Rigatoni a la Vodka while he flirts with the ladies. Why is rehab patient Billi Jo (Cindi Kostello) staggering over to the bar while the Caesar Salad is served? Of course Police Sergeant Michael Dorsey (Jon Avner) ad libs his questions and comments as he strolls from table to table.

A whistle blows! Did someone drop their knives and forks? There’s been a mishap and someone is to blame! The Sergeant questions the Docs and their surprisingly tipsy patient. He then calls witnesses to the center of the ballroom for good natured interrogation. After the comical questions there’s more dancing and more food.

Shots ring out between courses. Who could have done it and why? Well, there’s an evidence table nearby. Make your accusations by utilizing the documents in the center of your dinner table. A reward is in store for the best guesser.

It’s been a great evening for food, fun and mystery. The Killing Kompany has solved another case. Many of the guests have attended these shows previously and keep returning. My personal confession? I have reviewed ten, yes ten of Jon Avner’s comedy dinner programs since 1993. And that’s a fact!

For information on future programs or to enjoy a private event with family and friends call 888 SHOOT-EM or email them at There’s a website at, or follow them on facebook and twitter.

As always, save me a seat on the aisle.