Kickstart Your Generosity

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Many seasoned entrepreneurs – including me – have a passion for helping other entrepreneurs achieve their goals, and to mentor or support young professionals the way our mentors were there for us. However, it can be a lot of work to find an opportunity or a person worth sponsoring, especially when financing a young entrepreneur – and there are very few safeguards in place. But that was before the advent of a new website –

Kickstarter is an online funding platform through which entrepreneurs and creative people can submit their ideas and funding requests- and sponsors can connect with them and partner with others to help those great ideas be realized. It’s especially enticing to sponsors, because it’s a worry-free endeavor – each submission has a certain amount of time to reach its funding goals before time runs out, or no funding is received. The process is easy for sponsors as well – there are varying levels of sponsorship for each idea, and each level comes with “perks” – for example, funding levels to sponsor a theater production include perks ranging from signed postcards, soundtrack albums, to reserved seating and VIP receptions. Sponsors can search by city, topic, popularity, and more.

So if you’re interested in financing a start up, remember the people that lent you a helping hand when you got your start years ago and pay it forward.