Keeping your small business moving forward

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For a lot of small businesses, the first few months of the year can be slower.  The holiday spending is over, and people are starting to tighten their budgets to save for a summer vacation.   It’s the time of year to get creative and keep your business moving forward.


When your staff has some downtime, have them hit the phones to call your current clients and make sure they are aware of all the ancillary products and services you offer.  Have everyone catch up on any projects that have been left untended due during the busy times, whether it’s scanning in old files or updating training manuals.  Try to schedule in any refresher courses during downtime as well.  Have your managers take a look at recent office supply orders and make sure they are ordering efficiently.  Offer a webinar on new laws that have passed or run additional training for your clients that may be interested in using or already are using a special product or service that you offer.  Dust off your business plan and make sure it’s updated to reflect your current position and business goals.


Try thinking outside the box when it comes to your available resources. Do you have a few extra cubicles available that you could rent out to an entrepreneur who has just started up?  Let your open space serve as an impromptu co-working site.


Don’t let a slump slow your business down.  Make the most of this time to really move your business forward and be ready to meet your busy season head on.