Justice for Trayvon Martin

| fbedell@queenscourier.com |

President Obama has spoken up on the Florida shooting of Trayvon Martin. Where as he said,” Trayvon’s parents are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves.”  The shooting of unarmed Trayvon should not of happen. A nation is outraged and rightly so when a neighborhood watch goes beyond the law. I hope answers can be forth coming and George Zimmerman comes clean how this could happen and a young life was taken leaving Trayvon’s paren’st grief stricken. Here is another question being echo by the many and that is where is it written when one wears a hooded sweat shirt and is a person of color one is automatically a suspect. America has come a long way in terms of race relations or have we really? I can’t help but think if Trayvon was white and George Zimmerman was black would not an arrest been a slam dunk? I feel we need as a nation the need to more forward and to promote greater understanding and respect for all no matter of a persons race, religion or nationality. And as for a neighborhood watch is concerned, I believe you see a suspect and might be up to a criminal activity you need to call it in. You see that is what our law enforcement officers do and are more qualified and trained to act in the proper manner for all concerned. I remember many years ago my friend and myself were walking from Queens Village into Floral Park and was stopped by the local police. The question was asked was why we were there and our answer was we were walking for exercise on a warm summer night. The officer took our name , address and phone number. The reason was if there was any criminal activity that night we would be picked up for questioning. We went back home but were shaken up by that and were lucky no criminal acts occured that night. As teenagers we were scared. In the end if we see something we need to say something but we don’t have the right to act as vigilantee.