Just A Kwik Story

| rbasso@queenscourier.com |

I recently paid a visit to the town I attended high school in. On that same trip I took a few pictures of the school, and a few places I worked when I was a teenager. One of those places was a print and copy shop called Kwik Kopy.  The owners at the time I worked there over 20 years ago were a married couple, Dan and Peggy.

For some unknown reason I chose to go inside Kwik Kopy and see who was running the place now.  To my surprise when I walked in, there was Dan. Maybe a few more grey hairs, but I certainly recognized him.  To my utter shock, he recognized me immediately. He must have had many people working for him over the years and I was only employed there for one year. How and why did he remember me?

We chatted, I introduced my son and we caught up on local gossip and what I had been up to.  It turns out Dan already knew some of what I was up to because an old family friend occasionally gave him updates. Here is the real shocker….the main reason he remembered me and spoke about me over the years was because I was the ONLY high school student that worked for him since I left.

There is more.  I don’t recall this at all, but Dan and Peggy told me that in high school I stopped by week after week asking if they needed help in their shop and that I would work hard for them. They finally gave in and gave me a chance.  I had always thought I was probably more of a distraction as I look back, but they told me I did a good job and they were happy to have had me working for them.

I asked them why they did not have another student work for them over the years.  They simply stated that no one ever asked. Is that possible? I am still not sure if it is a sign of the young generations’ apathy or more of a statement about my drive.  Maybe a bit of both.  Either way, I appreciated the refreshing reminder of what helped formulate success later in my life.

It is astonishing how people have impacted your life and you don’t even realize it.  I was glad to reconnect with them as I now can REALLY appreciate what they had done for me. If you ever need a pick-me-up or a reminder of where you came from and how others helped you get where you are today, think back to your own Kwik Kopy story and I bet there is a gem in there that will help put it all in perspective.