Is your Business Newsletter Worthy? Of course it is!

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Have you ever thought about creating a monthly newsletter for your business? Many small businesses feel uncertain about putting together a newsletter for their organization. As long as you have a clear purpose and find a way to craft interesting content, you will be able to use the newsletter as a tool to communicate with your clients.


To start, survey your clients and ask what they would be interesting in reading.  Remember clients appreciate consistency so make sure the structure of your newsletter is fairly similar from month to month. All newsletters have some wiggle room; a themed newsletter is always catchy, just be sure it is consistent with what’s going on around the world or within your business. Monthly newsletters also give you the opportunity to keep your customers up to date with changes being made within your organization. You will be able to provide important information to those who need to be informed and additionally inform your clients of any new products or services that your organization now offers.


It really doesn’t matter what business you’re in; as long as you have experience in your industry and a reason to connect with your clients, you can have an engaging newsletter as well. Here’s an idea; at Advantage Payroll Services, we have a Question & Answer section where we feature a business professional and ask them a series of questions regarding their industry. Below is a link to an example of the Advantage Payroll Services Newsletter. Take a look; it might spark some newsletter creativity.