Is your business going to the dogs?

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We all know our reaction to a cute dog.  Our attention is immediately diverted, and more often than not we have to stop, pet the dog and most likely tell the dog how cute it is in our best baby talk voice.  The Fairmont hotel is capitalizing on this instinct, and the hotel is going to the dogs. Literally.


They have rolled out canine ambassadors in over 60 of their high end hotels to soothe the guest with their presence.  The dogs come equipped with a name tag and a sign out book for guests who would like to walk the dogs around the area.


A clever idea?  I think so.  In fact, a not-so-surprising list of companies has recognized the benefits of allowing pets –albeit well-behaved dogs- to accompany their owners to work.  A 2010 study out of Central Michigan University found that dogs in your workplace can lead to more trust between coworkers and which leads to more collaboration among team members. Other benefits include increased morale and productivity, happier employees and lower absenteeism rates.


In fact, in June every year, employees gear up to bring their pups to work as part of Take Your Dog To Work Day. The initiative — now in its 14th year — aims to promote pet adoption and pet-friendly workplaces.


According to LIBN, one way for office rentals to make their space more appealing is to allow pets with no additional cost.  They do caution that adding pets to your office environment should only be done after careful contemplation.  A business should first check the terms of their lease, as well as their insurance rider to cover any damage or even potentially a dog bite, as well as put a firm pet policy in place with their employees.


Note that there are places where pets should not be allowed, such as kitchens, break rooms, rest rooms and they can’t be allowed to freely stroll the hallways.  Due to the nature of some businesses, it also may not be possible to allow pets.


So get ready for June 22nd, this year’s Take Your Dog To Work Day, and get ready to watch your business go to the dogs.