Is unemployment really going down?

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly job report has announced the new figures on unemployment. Unemployment has officially dropped from 8.2% to 8.1%. Well I guess that looks good for the Obama administration who is thinking they doing a good job in regard to the economy. I think not. Let’s do a little reality check based on the numbers.

The 8.1% drop does not take into account those who no longer are able to collect unemployment and who have been unemployed for some time and have given up looking for the most part. These people are off the radar and are not now being counted. Now I have just read that 342,000 more workers who are not actively seeking employment due to a bad economy. It was reported that 115,000 new jobs were created and that barely puts a dent in the numbers.

The unemployment rate might be closer to 10% in my opinion. Now on NY1 the other night a man called in on this issue and has been actively seeking employment and was asked how hard he was really trying. He said,” I’ve sent out an average of 60 resume’s a month for a year, and have been on ten interviews. Now through all that the jobs were either out of state or needed a car which I don’t have or it was too far away to travel.” That I found very sad.

Now I think President Obama thinks he can be re-elected based on these figures, I think he needs a reality check as well. I also think with the millions of people out of work President Obama might find himself looking for a job this coming November. The unemployed are looking for jobs not more rhetoric and  need the kind of change that puts bread on the table. In the end this will be reflected in the voting booth this November.