Is Music the International Language?

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The Greek Cultural Center in Astoria continues to provide first rate performances in their intimate theatre at 26-80 30th St. Their recent musical recital entitled “Composition Diary 1” was further proof that music, not words is often the international language of emotion.

Unlike most other projects at the GCC, this one was overwhelmingly in Greek but without “supertitles” scrolling above the performers. However, these aids were not required. The intensity, passion and power provided by the musicians, singers and actors did not require translation.

Cellist Xue Yang Liu of China, pianist John Andrew Tarbet from Utah, tenors Yiannis Amouris and Kevin David Thomas (who has appeared on Broadway in several roles), sopranos Alexandra Skendrou and Eleni Lydia Stamellou (fluent in several languages), Theodora P. Loukas as narrator (born in Athens) are all vital components of composer Neophytos Stratis’ “Composition Diary 1.” Although Mr. Stratis made his introductions in English, his final monologue in Greek was filled with angst and intensity—a fine finish to a powerful evening.

Call (718) 726-7329 or check the web at and You’ll see why music is the international language of emotions.