How one moment can change your life

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It’s amazing how one moment can change the way you live your life.  On December 29, 2009, my best friend Alan Powell suffered a major heart attack.  I remember getting the call from his wife and hanging up the phone in complete shock. He was only 37 years old — this couldn’t be possible.

I rushed to the hospital and anxiously waited with his family as the cardiac team at Staten Island University North Shore Hospital successfully completed 8 bypasses. A few months later Alan had a second surgery to implant a cardioverter defribrillator and pacemaker.

With this life-changing experience behind him, Alan wholeheartedly embraced his new lease on life. On April 30th, 2011, Alan successfully completed his first 5K race as part of the American Heart Association’s running team.

Alan and I came very close to not being able to sharing some of the incredible experiences we’ve had since 2009.  Countless Americans owe their lives to the donation-funded breakthroughs from the American Heart Association. It is my pleasure to be their honoree at this year’s 24th Annual American Heart Association Golf Classic this June.

Alan and I are asking for your support for this worthy cause.  You can make a donation of any size at or check out available sponsorships at  A contribution of any amount is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for helping me support this incredible charity and its lifesaving work. Check out this quick, funny video to learn more about my friendship with Alan: