How far will you go for “local” entertainment?

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I have always bragged that quality Queens theatre is just a short trip from your doorstep. Well, Queens is a big borough. Sometimes you have to go a little further to find the best Queens has to offer. A good example is The Rockaway Theatre Company, all the way out to the Gateway National Recreation Area.
Their current production of “Annie Get Your Gun” stars a beautiful and talented singer/dancer/actor named Catherine Leib in the title role. Located at Fort Tilden, the troupe takes pride in a warm, welcoming venue for the creative community in that part of the borough.
Now here’s the problem. Do you take my word for it? Do you brave an extra toll and drive the extra miles on my dare? Listen, read my full review in the Courier’s digital edition or pick up the good ole hard copy. Call (718) 374-6400 for directions and tickets. There are a just a few more weekend performances. You can also try surfing the web to or I don’t think you will prove me wrong. I dare you.