Homeless shelter population reaches all time high

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A new report finds 41,204 people slept in homeless shelters on October 31st, the highest single night total in New York City history. According to statistics from the department of Homeless Services, the record high is a 9% increase from October 2010 and 33% higher than when Mayor Bloomberg took office in 2002. The number of homeless children also reached a new peak, with 16,934 sleeping in a shelter in the five boroughs on October 31st. The report comes the same day the City Council held a hearing on Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to tighten access to shelters for single adults.


The city now postpones homeless policy until a judge looks at the legality of denying single homeless persons admission to shelters if there is possible alternatives. Well how about that. I don’t think anyone should be denied shelter because the bottom line is that no one would go to shelter if they did not have to. I should know about that ,because I was homeless after I got out of the Navy following the Vietnam conflict. I did not have any support group or family or friends that were in a postion to help me. Let’s look at the facts concerning our veterans that are homeless : unemployment is up to 12% for unemployed veterans and some because of that are homeless. The action by the city I find appalling and a judge should find this also. Those who fought for this country need help and respect.. They do not deserved to be put out in the cold nor should anyone else who is down on their luck due to this most sad economic recession or should I dare say,” depression.” The Mayor needs to have a heart and also anyone else from the city council who goes along with the Mayor on this new policy, needs one too.


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