Help wanted – President

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In this age of unemployment, many people scour the internet in search of postions for which they might be qualified. “Two years experience.” “Advanced degree required.” “Recommendations upon request.” The process can be daunting, even for lower-level positions.
And there is that job that comes up every four years – the Presidency of the United States. For this high-level job the qualifications are simple. Be 35 years old, and a natural-born citizen of the United States. Cool! I can do that job!
Nobody would doubt that an accomplished businessman should qualify. But what if the accomplished businessman was also a reality-show host. Should we really entrust the most important job in the free world to the man who fired Meat Loaf? Fortunately, now that Donald Trump has fired himself, we will be spared the notion of Oval Office “Board Rooms.”
Well… hmmm. So just what “qualifies” you to be President?
Ronald Reagan, ridiculed as just an “actor” (which of course he was much more: two-term California Governor, President of the Screen Actors Guild), became one of the greats.
George H-W Bush’s resume was considered the gold-standard for qualifications: CIA director, Congressmember, Ambassador to the United Nations, Vice President, war hero. But voters gave him only one term.
William Jefferson Clinton was Governor of Arkansas. He got re-elected, but it ended ugly.
George W. Bush was a Governor of Texas. Barack Obama was a Senator from Illinois.
The last non-politician President was Dwight Eisenhower. But he was a commander-in-chief, before he was Commander-in-Chief. And he had a great resume that included “Saved the Western World from Eternal Tyranny.” Not bad.
It appears the next non-politician to be President could only be a respected general (a David Petraeus-type?) or a gazillionaire.
And then there is a clamor to change the qualifications for President.
For example, to eliminate the “natural born citizen” qualification. In that case, we could have more qualified people in the process, people, like, say, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Uh, on second thought, maybe we’ll hold off on that one!