Having glasses

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This is my story on the journey of getting glasses.

I have had my glasses for almost a whole school year. When I first found out I had to wear glasses I was really excited.

I thought it was cool, because my mom also has glasses but I didn’t know that it was going to be so difficult.

I first found out I needed glasses when I took an eye test at school and I realized I could not see very well. I received a paper from school saying that my mom had to take me to the eye doctor for more tests. I was a little nervous to have the tests because they had so many tools there and the doctor had to put special drops in my eyes. The drops made me see blurry and I could barely see for the whole day. The doctor and my mom made me feel comfortable and then I was not nervous anymore.

After the appointment, the doctor — who is called the ophthalmologist — gave my mom another paper that said the right kind of glasses that I needed.

Then came the fun part, going to the eyeglasses store! That afternoon I picked and I picked and I picked, until I found the perfect pair. They were black around the lenses and violet everywhere else. They said I would get my glasses on Thursday. It was the longest wait, but on Thursday I finally got them. When I first put them on I felt brand new. It was difficult the first couple of days to see with them but I got used to them. The next day I went to school with my glasses on and all of my friends and the teacher loved them so much.

Even though some people told me that I looked better without glasses I know they help me see. I need them to do my work and read my books. It might be like this for you, you might have glasses for books or for all day like me! But here’s one important thing I learned: DON’T break them!!