Winter tips for the road

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Winter is here and one of the first things you should think about is road safety.

First of all, turn on your local weather and have a good understanding of what you’re driving into! Are you worried about being late? Don’t be. Your life can depend on you leaving when the traffic and weather look good, and getting there when you can. If you can drive during the day, your visibility will be better, and you will be more awake! The sun being out also helps the ice on the road melt away. There can still be ice, but those ten extra degrees or so can make a big difference!

Make sure you clear all the ice and snow off your vehicle. Even if it’s not on your windshield, it can fly up off your hood, or slide down from your roof while driving. Not fun when you’re doing 60! Also, check your washer fluid and that your wipers are in good shape. Your view while driving is number one! If snow is on the way, having some extra wipers on hand is a blessing. Believe me, I’ve been there. It’s not fun trying to find an auto parts store on the highway, in 25 degrees!

Before you leave that driveway, check your tire pressure! Traction is key, and over-inflation is as bad as under-inflation! You’ll save gas money, tire money and your life! Do you have half a tank of gas? Always keep your gas tank at half way. Just in case there’s not a fueling station for a few miles, the last place you want to be is in the cold, with a car that does not run because you ran out of gas. If you get stuck for any reason, this will keep your engine going longer, which means heat! Do you have a rear wheel drive vehicle? If you’ve got a RWD, extra weight in the trunk can be helpful to keep your car from skidding.

Following the road signs and speed limits and keeping an extra car lengths distance from the car in front of you, helps in case they are the ones who are skidding.

No texting! Need I say more?

Have your auto shop give your car a once over. Make sure the horn and all the lights are working too.

Even have them check you’re a/c. You’d be surprised at what a great dehumidifier it makes when your windows start to fog up.