Greek Cultural Center—Emotions Are International Language

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Despite the countless languages and dialects in the world, the one universal language is emotion. A mother’s love, a father’s drive to protect his family, fear, envy, and everything else that shapes our motives are all shared by the billions of souls that inhabit our planet.

The Greek Cultural Center’s current production of “Babies Are Brought By The Stork” demonstrates how the horrors of war cannot overshadow our need to create new life and to laugh at our circumstances.

Talented director Ioanna Katsarou has a strong ensemble to depict the story of a concentration camp escapee who finds shelter with a childless family in Thessaloniki.

He returns their kindness in a unique way. Their relatives and neighbors also benefit from the comedy of confusion that ensues as the horrors of war finally face the complexities of peace.

The experienced and energetic cast, in alphabetical order, Christos Alexandridis, Yiannis Amouris, Dimitris Bozinis, Theodora P. Loukas, Kristina Siapkara, Phyto Stratis and Sofia Tsekoura deserve applause for a well done production. So read the full View from the Cliff also on this website, find the Queens Courier hard copy and make sure you find time to attend a production of “Babies Are Brought By The Stork.” Call (718) 726-7329 for tickets and directions to 26-80 30th Street in Astoria. You can also surf to or

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