Go ahead and pledge allegiance

By Queens Courier Staff |

The left is busy again trying to take away all that is patriotic in our great nation. I especially take issue with the fact that NBC’S decision to twice censor the words,” under God”as Washington, DC, school kids recited,” The Pledge of Alligiance.” This took place on a broadcast at the U.S. Open golf tournament last month. Now I am a recently elected Grand Knight of St. Anastasia Knights of Columbus council # 5911, in Queens. I would like to point out that the Knights of Columbus was instrumental in asking Congress to adopt the words,” under God,” in 1954 and which was therefore adopted. And as for the American Flag, I am flying it proudly in front of my home in Glen Oaks Village this Fourth of July. Patriotism is not dead but America needs to wake up before it is no more.