Glen Oaks Village Dedication of 9/11 Memorial Park

By Queens Courier Staff |

As I write this, it is Sunday, September 11 and a most somber day of reflection. But here in Glen Oaks Village it is a most proud day. A small park has just risen called, “Tribute Triangle Park.” It is dedicated to all those who died on 9/11 and to all those who have served in the military in all the wars America has been involved in.
As I looked around at the ceremony, I saw many different ethnic backgrounds had showed up for this dedication; many races and religious beliefs who believed in the values of being an American.
This park is a piece of land north of Union Turnpike on Little Neck Parkway. It has benches, flowers and the American flag that will be lit at night. It also has a dedication fixed on a rock boulder. It will be a place where one can reflect and find peace in this most beautiful place in Glen Oaks Village and all are invited to come and see.
Also at the ceremony was a priest, minister, rabbi, imam and a Sikh who all said a few words of comfort.
In closing I would like to thank the president of Glen Oaks Village co-op, Bob Friedrich, the trustees, the various committees and all those who volunteered and worked tirelessly on this project. Let me not to forget what the many said here and that is we need to show love and kindness to one another to make our communities a better place. As one of Glen Oaks Village maintenance managers said, all it takes is a friendly hello to those we meet and that would show love and kindness and acceptance. Remember this: Love and kindness can go a long way and make this a better world.