Get global warming in check

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One of the great misunderstandings of our time is wrapped up in the issue of global warming.

Is the earth warming? Of that there is no question. Why? I have no idea. I’m not smart enough to tell you if this is just something that happens in cycles, or if it’s all about man’s carbon footprint burning a hole in the atmosphere.

But no matter who or what is responsible, you can’t argue with statistics. Observe the 20 warmest years on record:

1. 2005 6. 2006    11. 2011  16. 2000

2. 2010 7. 2009   12. 2008 17. 1990

3. 1998  8.2007    13. 1997 18. 1991

4. 2003 9. 2004   14. 1999  19. 1988

5. 2002 10. 2001 15. 1995  20. 1987

And guess what year is on pace to be the warmest EVER? Yep, you guessed it, 2012!

I had to lay that all out because so many knuckleheads seem to think that warming is a political fiction. It isn’t. Smart people I know do dispute whether this is a short or long-term trend, since 20 years in earth’s life ain’t much.

So now that we made that clear, why should you care? Well, just take a look what you get when the seas really do start to rise. We have two coastlines in our area that won’t be coming back for perhaps years to come.

So now what do we do? I do not advocate the Draconian measures of taxing carbon consumption, etc. If global warming is not man-made, we have no control over it.

But we do have control over where we build, where we decide to spend out budgets, how we decide who can get flood insurance, and many other things that matter.

I was in Bellmore, Long Island this past week. I met a few families who were told they were not entitled to federal aid because they had flood insurance. Across the street I met another family who also had flood insurance and far less damage, and guess what: they got a check.

FEMA, not surprisingly, could not give me an answer why. But I’m sure they are doing a heck of a job.

We need to change the dialogue in this nation to topics that matter and budgets that put priorities first. Sandy will not be the last great storm. The winter is just beginning. So expect a blizzard or two. And maybe another nor’easter.

Okay, that was all very preachy. But we’ve all seen so much these last few weeks. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. And try to do something for all the struggling families in our area who can’t.