Gas prices are coming down but you can still save on trips

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Photo courtesy of Great Adventure
Photo courtesy of Great Adventure

Dr. Slither and his scaly friend and assistants are preparing for fresh blood at Six Flags Great Adventure Halloween fest.

It wasn’t that long ago when gas prices were enough to make a Saudi Arabian sheik richer than he already was that people took to shorter vacation trips.  Airline prices were higher than the aircraft flew and took such a bite out of a family’s budget that precious little was left for fun.

Today prices are dropping…not exactly like a stone, but more like a feather.  There are some stations in the area that have gas at $3.03 and some even less.  You still have to hunt them down.

But for a day’s outing a tank of gas is still probably the most economical way to go.

With Halloween coming up at the end of this month there are scare factories all over the place, ranging from some suburban farms to a converted loft in Manhattan.  But when all is said and done, perhaps the best of the lot is Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ.

There are few venues that put as much work into creating a total experience as Great Adventure.  The actors vastly increase in numbers as do the special effects.  The rides are still there for anyone who would like to make a full day and night of it.  Food concessions abound at reasonable prices.

There is a caveat for SFGA: Halloween here is not for the faint of heart.  The actors are so well versed in their roles that guests often forget they are actors.  Someone in a bloody shirt jumping out at you could be sufficient cause for a stress test. Correct that, it could be a stress test.

Zombies (the hottest things in the movies and television of late) abound throughout the park.  That seemingly innocent couple walking ahead of you or toward you might suddenly turn out to be the Living Dead.  These actors really get into their roles.

There are haunted houses, a terror ride called “Total Darkness” that will test the mettle of even the staunchest warrior.  The Lakefront will be home to a new Scare Zone with a Strawman scarecrow who is definitely not related to the Wizard of Oz.

This year, Six Flags is featuring six haunted walkthroughs and four scare zones.  Each of these attractions is guaranteed to pump up your pulse to the rate of a very good workout.

The park will have totally different ambiances from daytime to night.  While there will be Halloween themed activities during the hours the sun is overhead, at 6 p.m. it all changes and ghosts, goblins and the ever-feared Living Dead come out of their holes and walk amongst their potential meals.

During the day rides at the park range from kiddie coasters to those that seem to be launched from the deck of an aircraft carrier, shooting you into space and then slamming back down to earth.  But then, isn’t that what you’ve come for?

The best bet, economically, is to come and expect to spend the entire day.  There is so much to see and do that you’ll have to pace yourselves and you still may not get to see or do everything.

The little kiddies aren’t left out with special sections of the park designed especially for them.  The caveat here is that the nighttime adventures could become a bit intense for them.  Teens have been heard to say:

“I know they are actors and zombies aren’t real, but they scare me.”

As Jose Jimenez might have said: “Thas my yob.”

Drivers will find the park very convenient and the acres of parking make it easy.  There are shuttles every few minutes that range throughout the huge parking lot bringing guests to the main entrance.  Don’t forget to mark the location of your car because it could turn into a major problem if you forget where it is parked.

For those coming in from New York City without a car, there are buses directly to Great Adventure from the Port Authority Bus Terminal at 42nd Street.  Check in advance for the arrival and departure times.

Six Flags is located off Exit 7A of the New Jersey Turnpike.  Coming in from New York City the Turnpike is easily reached from the Goethals Bridge, the George Washington Bridge and the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels giving it easy access from all Boroughs.

North Jersey residents can come down with either the Garden State Parkway connecting to the Turnpike or directly with the Turnpike itself.

For further information call (732) 928-2000 or go to