FSFCTG Teach more than acting

| ckasden@queenscourier.com |

The FSF Community Theatre Group is currently presenting an original tribute to the movies, tv, radio and musical theater. It is comprised of several dozen kids at all levels of talent, guided by some veteran community theatre adults. Their presentation will not win an obie but that was not the intent. The founders of the troupe have opened their creative arms to kids whose thirst for artistic expression is a strong and healthy strategy. Their mission statement tells it all;
“Our mission is to provide the opportunity for people of all ages interested in theater an outlet for creative expression, including stage performers, musicians, scenic designers, stage crew and our audience. We support the idea of fostering young talent by providing musical theater workshops for students ages 10-19.”
On opening night, the kids were smiling broadly with every song and dance. If you were looking for Broadway you missed the point. These kids were offering and receiving a different type of award. One you can’t compete for.
Attend the FSFCTG’s current presentation with a different point of view. Call (516) 354-3017 for tix. Email info at fsfctg@yahoo.com. Surf to www.spotlightonstage.com/fsfctg.htm.