Fraternity hazing and a cup of coffee for seniors

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New York State Assemblyman David Weprin proposed legislation that would expand the state’s current anti-hazing statute by prohibiting all physical conduct and physical activities required from fraternities during the pledging ceremonies is over the top.  Each year millions of college students each year successfully join a fraternity or sorority.  All survive and go on to prosperous careers and families just as David Weprin and his brother NYC Councilmember Mark have done.  More college students die from drug overdoses or drunk driving than from hazing.  They have the intelligence to know as part of any fraternity or sorority initiation that if in doubt about personal safety they can leave.  Weprin’s proposed legislation is just another of his long series of self-promotional grandstanding to support the Nanny state.  It will gain him some free publicity on a slow Sunday news day but contribute little to progress of our society.  Perhaps Weprin should consider introducing legislation to protect fellow members of the State Assembly from retribution by State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver when they decide to vote against his wishes. Crossing boss Silver can be a real hazing!

State Assemblymembers Ron Kim and David Weprin recently offered to intercede on behalf of some seniors who have turned local fast food restaurants into long term day time hangouts.  Both Kim and Weprin have resources at their disposal to provide senior citizens with other options to spending hours on end at local McDonald’s, Burger King and other food restaurants.  They could ask their mentor—State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver—to program some annual pork barrel member item spending for more useful purposes.  How about funding longer hours for both local senior citizen centers and public libraries?  Assemblymembers Kim and Weprin could spend a token amount of their district office budgets.  They could easily purchase some folding tables, chairs, decks of cards, donuts and coffee.  Why not host some senior citizens to stop by their respective local district offices?  Kim and Weprin could spend some quality time face-to-face with senior constituents to learn what is on their minds.  I’ll pay for some bagels if Weprin will bring the lox and cream cheese to feed some of our needy seniors at his local district office.  David and I could provide the entertainment by debating issues of the day!