Four-letter words

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You aren’t supposed to use four-letter words in a family newspaper, but you can’t go without saying, “snow.”  Plow envy is a risk when the city must tend to every main drag and we tend to burn when we can’t park. Mayor de Blasio will take heat no matter what.

Hizzoner has pushed the late Ed Koch from the record book (1974) as the most snow-hard City Hall freshman and there are people who wish he had dropped the groundhog from an even greater height. Sorry folks, winter will last until March 20 no matter who’s in Gracie Mansion, or that tiny cave on Staten Island.


“Cash” is another word you can’t miss. Hizzoner wants to cut it for charter school construction, grab it for rent and boot them from many a site. Such hard ball will kill off all but the priciest charters and leave “school choice” for residents of that other city we keep hearing about.

*Councilman Dan Garodnick made the call for a bill to show who’s paying for anonymous political ads. Some city candidates have been able to mask their name from harsh spots scot-free. Dan’s bill would make the Campaign Finance Board levy a fine, unless they fess up to their work.

*The council is also hard at work reviewing the status of non-profit groups that apply for city cash, and making sure that members show any link to those who apply. Member items draw heat every year , but without them a regular budget line will be the only well for funds.

“Fine” some would say, except that the first deadline to apply for 2015 capital budget funding is February 27. Your local ball team isn’t up against that wall, but the idea of the “evil” fund is to leave money on the table until the last minute for local groups with volunteer staff.

The council also went over the list of subcommittee assignments, hopefully to calm fear that hold-out supporters of the Speaker will be out in the cold. Once they have made nice, more work will get done.


“Date” is yet another word to make a wave up in Albany – as in Primary Election. We now have some primaries in June and others in September. Some pols insist that this is what leads to poor turnouts for what is, many a time, the real election and leaves the Board of Elections no time to figure out what color paper to order for the buff forms.

One can only hope that soon a primary will draw as much as the “rock ‘em sock ‘em” 24 percent of voters who make up the “overwhelming mandate” city pols love to cite.


Apparently, I wasn’t the only one tickled by the fame of Seattle Seahawks MVP Malcolm Smith during the big romp on Sunday night. According to a reporter, the beleaguered Queens Senator of the same name got at least one “good game last nite!” on Monday, while taking a walk in the hall of the State Capitol.

Not being a fan of either team, the name game did perk up what otherwise reminded me of watching last November’s election results, only this time I was hoping none of the injuries were career-ending.

The other difference being that the Denver Broncos graciously conceded defeat before the lights went off and the last worker was home in bed – unlike a certain perennially-losing candidate for City Council, best known in southern Queens.

Our Malcolm’s attempt to stop the clock on his bribery trial last Friday was ruled out of bounds by the judge, leaving him the task of raising cash to defend both his office and his freedom – since pols can use campaign money on legal defense – while the trial grinds to a projected April kickoff.