Failing Teachers Must Go

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Mayor Mike Bloomberg is like a knight in shinning armor in his fight for teacher accountability in my opinion.  Now when a teacher fails to properly educate his or her students, the students suffer greatly in the long run. I may be a layman in terms of educational policy but I feel the Mayor must win in his battle aganist the UFT.


The policy as I see it concerning tenure which is if a teacher performs badly or acts in a manner unfitting for a teacher, it becomes very differcult to remove that teacher. They might be removed from the classroom but could end up what has been called ,” The rubber room,” and that is at taxpayers expense and some of these teachers could be making a salary as high as $100,000 a year. That is why I believe Governor Cuomo should be more involved in the process and forced the UFT into real public school reform.


The harsh reality according to the Daily News is that New York could lose up to 1 billion dollars of federal funds if adjustments to the state education law is not adjusted. The students deserve more than they are receiving. For remember their educational future is at stake. As Governor Cuomo said,”Current education law is utterly hopeless.

” Well ain’t that the truth .