Fact or Fiction—How do you like your Theatre?

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Pippin the hunchback tries to assassinate his powerful father, King Charlemagne of the Holy Roman Empire in the 8th Century. He fails, and then spends the rest of his life in exile.

Fast forward to the 1970s when Ben Vereen wins a coveted Tony for his role as Leading Player in the quirky musical, “Pippin”. The title character is not a hunchback. He is young, talented and in search of the meaning of life. Oh, he still intends to assassinate his royal dad.

Imagine for a moment that a musical or drama about Pippin had stayed closer to fact not fiction. No doubt the production’s “spin” would have been different. Especially as it reflected the sensibilities of the 1970s. I wonder if a similarly conceived production in 2011 would mirror the emotional undertones of the new millennium.

Beari Executive Producers Debbie and Rene Bendana along with Director/Choreographer Jeremy Lardieri have made the most of Queens College junior Robert Ariza as Pippin. The exuberant and energetic cast grabs the satire, seduction and silliness of the show without missing a beat.

Would the same cast of characters have succeeded if the time and place had been changed to reflect the tragic events of Pippin the hunchback’s dark ages? I don’t know. I need your opinion.

Attend the show which is located at 63-70 Dry Harbor Road (Trinity Lutheran Church) in Middle Village. Call (718) 736-1263 for tix, info and possible changes of venue. Then get back to us.

IMPORTANT CORRECTION— In last week’s Blog–for the Greek Cultural Center — the town “busybody” was Dimitris Bozinis, not Christos Alexandridis, who played Krista’s husband. Sorry for the error.