Evil strikes Aurora, Colorado

| fbedell@queenscourier.com |

James Holmes, allegedly killed 12 and injured 58 in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado where the new Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,” was showing. This brings much sadness to our nation again. Our heartfelt prayers go out to these families who lost love ones and those who were injured in this senseless massacre. This was an egregious and nefarious act that was perpetrated by an individual that was the personification of pure evil. A movie theater is suppose to be a place that should be safe.  I guess no more. We are becoming a nation under siege by those who have no regard for innocent lives. Evil is what evil does. It looks like more will have to be done to protect us like at airports where scanners are used and pat down are performed on our persons not to mention more cameras being used. This is really sad that we have come to this. My question is how do we stop the mentally unbalanced from obtaining guns? I think with all the safe guards we install evil will still exist. We must be forever vigilant in observing our surroundings. Again remember that if we see something we must say something. Remember this too: Evil thrives when good people do nothing.