Don’t let employee turnover sink your ship

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As the economy slowly gets better, staffing companies and surveys suggest that companies could see more workers exiting as job hunting prospects improve.  The economy added 200,000 jobs in February, 120,000 jobs in March and April and 1.9 million jobs over the past 12 months. Long Island added more than 20,000 jobs and New York added nearly 140,000 in February compared to a year ago.

So what is your small business doing to brace for employee losses?  How do you plan to capture all the data that a good employee has amassed and make sure that it’s imparted on their replacement?  Most small businesses are not prepared for an important staff member to leave and do little to make sure that employee’s knowledge is “backed up”.

At Advantage Payroll, we have detailed manuals for each job, documenting procedures, tasks and other duties.  We also have a 5 day on-board process that familiarizes each new hire with the company, the payroll services industry and then finally, their role within the organization. For departures, we also have detailed employee exit interviews designed to capture anything we may have missed.

What do you do at your office to make sure that employee knowledge is written down and translated into procedures?  How do you make sure that this knowledge is properly passed along?

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