Don Rickles and me

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I have recently dicovered that Donald Jay Rickles turned 86 on May 8. He is a really funny comic better know as Don Rickles and during his early years lived in Jackson Heights.

This brought back memories and my one-time experience with Don Rickles on stage at the Resorts in Atlantic City. In the late 70s I would go with my girfriend at the time to Atlantic City. We would go to the Resorts Casino, which at that time was the only casino up and running. Now my girlfriend Karen had gotten tickets for one of the evening shows. It just so happened it was for Don Rickles and we had front row seats.

At the beginning of the show he picked myself and one other young man to do one of his skits. I don’t remember what it was about being so long ago but do remember he made fun of us and got the audience to laugh a lot. At the end of the skit he slapped me on my butt for being a good sport. He also bought my girlfriend and myself a big magnum of champagne for going along with the skit. During the rest of the show, he had the knack for making fun of a person’s race and nationality and he got away with it. He was and still is a very funny guy and at 86 shows no sign of slowing down. He truely is one of a kind and has made Queens most proud.