Don’t Forget Your Website

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Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, iPads, iPhones, Google; the endless supply of intereactive distractions grows every day.  Because of this, it is easy to forget your most visible tool on the Internet — your website.

Your ability to tell your story on the web is dependent upon the quality of your website.  Since websites are a mature marketing tool, we too often ignore keeping it current, instead jumping on the “what’s hot” band wagon.  It is essential to remember that no matter what you do on the web to build your business, inevitably, your clients and prospects end up on your website.

The challenge of a website is keeping it current.  For example, fancy Flash webpages were all the rage a few years ago, but now, maintaining or developing a new Flash website is more mistake than value.  Google will not search Flash and it will not show up on the iPhone or iPad.

Does your website bring back good memories and make you feel like you did ten years ago?  If so, odds are, the style of your site presents your organization as old fashioned.  Color and layout preferences change all the time and if you have not revisited your site’s look, you are potentially damaging your image.  Imagine still wearing bell bottoms while those around you no longer do.  You’re not a rebel as much as a relic.

Finally, does your website tell your current story?  Do your pictures and service descriptions match what you are doing today?  Are you keeping it up-to-date or is it presenting a “you” that doesn’t exist anymore?

If you think, “It will do,” it won’t, if you think, “Its fine,” it’s not.  Your website is a reflection of you and your organization.  It is how people see you.  Take the time to revisit your site and determine a plan to make it current.  Like your favorite shirt or your leased vehicle, your website has a life span and life support is not the answer.

You have the ability to be a leader in your space and the web can help you get there.  Make your website your showplace and build your business.