Dining delights

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Photo courtesy the Crescent Club
Photo courtesy the Crescent Club

The sunset view from the Crescent Club in Bayville on Long Island’s North Shore is as spectacular as the photo.

Life takes me in so many unexpected directions and this past week was no different. I met an old friend, the glamorous and brilliant Rhona Silver. We had originally met more than 10 years ago when she owned the Huntington Town House. There she was at an event I attended in Brooklyn and we reignited our friendship.

You may wonder how this connects with food. It turns out her son Matt was one of our “Rising Stars” and had become general manager of one of my favorite beach front restaurants and catering halls, the Crescent Club in Bayville, on Long Island’s North Shore.

As I had dinner overlooking the sparkling lights across the sound, there was a remarkable shower of fireworks entertaining us as we dined on what turned out to be a feast, with one course better than the next.

The menu is eclectic, from juicy steaks to lobsters and seafood prepared any way desired. And there is a talented sushi chef who served my favorite, spicy tuna salad, and delivered an extensive selection of sushi that appeared as a work of art!

Although it was a Saturday night and there was a party going on, the restaurant was not too busy. I think people flock there in the summer but not in the colder months. How foolish, the mobs are gone and the service is attentive and the food superb.

I loved the wraparound windows that made me feel like I was part of the Long Island Sound, so that even in the evening I was able to enjoy the surroundings.

I congratulated the chef and then after a delectable dessert, met the woman who makes all the Crescent Club’s bread and cakes. What a talent she is too.

I think the success of a restaurant is consistent, great food and dependable, attentive service. I found that at the Crescent Club. The drive through the curving roads was well worth the trip. I will return. Call 516-628-3000 for directions.

Then I had a totally different but unique experience when I dined with friends in my El Correo world. We are planning networking experiences for our Latino readers and so I went to have lunch at a beautifully designed restaurant and recently expanded space in Elmhurst, Sabor Latino. They serve an Ecuadoran cuisine and fortunately, I was with three other people, so we shared each order.

What impressed me was not only how delicious each dish was, but the presentation. The portions are large and varied. I particularly enjoyed the caldo de gallina, a classic Ecuadoran hen soup with rice. The menu is in Spanish and English, making it easy to order many of the traditional dishes.

I had visited Ecuador a few years ago and enjoyed their cuisine. The meal brought back memories of that beautiful country, where we met many friendly and welcoming people, much like the staff at Sabor Latino. Call the restaurant at 718-457-3966.

Then this weekend, I had the fun of returning to the Milleridge Inn for their famous Sunday brunch and my favorite, popovers! They come to the table steaming hot and are most delicious when eaten, slathered in butter, as soon as they are served.

But eating there was not my only pleasure. With Chanukah just a week away, celebrated on Thanksgiving Day this year, I have to collect enough toys to give the children each a gift a day for eight days. And so Bernadette Smith, my neighbor and now friend, joined me at the Toy Store, where I found an abundant selection of unique items.

The “Village” of eight stores, a few steps from the restaurant, includes a stocked Christmas store with floor-to-ceiling items to decorate for the holiday.

Then there is a beautiful gift store where I bought a great item. It’s a small purse that holds a battery and space for my cell phone. It’s a clever device that I am told will hold a charge for my phone for two days. I will keep you posted if it works.

There is also a sweet shop with all kinds of candy and a bakery where they even make cakes that are given to everyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary.

This truly is a celebratory institution and it makes me happy to visit. It is located at 585 N. Broadway in Jericho. The Milleridge Inn can be reached at 516-931-2201.

Jose Tejada, Executive Director, Dominico American Society

One of the unique items that can be found at the Milleridge Inn’s Christmas store.


A memory of a Lifetime

It’s been 50 years since we lost “touch” with Camelot. I remember the minute I heard that President John F. Kennedy had died. I recall the tears of disbelief, of horror, of fear, of total sadness and then being glued to the television to be part of the mourning.

I adored and totally “bought in” to the glamour and style of the couple. To this day I wear outfits that exemplify Jackie.

Her courage in those sad days gave me a role model when my life called for extraordinary strength. Most importantly, she gave the nation the gift of optimism.

JFK made us all proud to be Americans with his words “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

We will never forget the first couple who gave so much!